Health Analyzer – Secondary Logon service (seclogon) is disabled

Summary: The Secondary Logon service is used to generate thumbnail images of Power Pivot workbooks in the Power Pivot Gallery. By default, the Secondary Logon service is set to manual startup.

If the service is disabled, thumbnail generation will fail. Additionally, the ULS logs will contain the following error: “The error 1058 can have as a root cause the fact the Windows service “Secondary Logon” is disabled.”

To check service configuration, use the Services console application to find Secondary Logon and change its Startup Type to Manual,  but the Health Rule checks if the Secondary Logon service has a Status of Running, not a Startup Type of Manual (or Automatic), so you can change this to Running.

Secondary Logon Properties

If you cannot enable the service, your organization might have a group policy that disables it. Check with an administrator to determine whether this is the case.

After you enable the service, thumbnail or snapshot images will refresh over time. Optionally, you can force a refresh by restarting the service and opening and then resaving the property pages of a specific report.


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