The Top Three Content Migration Tools for SharePoint

Over past several years, I have been involved in a projects migration SharePoint content, legacy systems and file shares to SharePoint. Enterprise level migration from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2013.

Many clients determine that the best approach to complete the migration in a manner that conformed to their practices and procedures they wanted to purchase a third party tool.
Many tools were considered. In the end, the list of options came down to three tools. I have compared three products with SharePoint OOTB and with those functions within each product. Each product has been looked into in detail, over 170 sub functions, and are highlighted in the table below.

FunctionSharePoint OOTB (%)AvePoint (%)Metalogix (%)Sharegate (%)
High Level Features66.67100100100
Farm Migration0100100100
Site Migration9.0990.91100100
Content Migration0100100100
Import files to SharePoint0100100100
Export From SharePoint075100100
Powersell and Development tools501007575
Supported SP Legacy Versions0100100100
RBLOB Management16.6710091.670
End User Content Management00100100
Office 365 Migration/Management0010063.64
OneDrive Migration/Management0071.4385.71
Overall (%)9.6071.6388.8459.23

AvePoint – DocAve Migrators
AvePoint is the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices. Focusing on helping enterprises in their digitization journey to enable their information workers to collaborate with confidence, AvePoint is first to market with a unique solution that centralizes access and control of information assets residing in disparate collaboration and document management systems on-premises and in the cloud. AvePoint solutions and services aim to bring together business, IT, as well as compliance and risk officers to serve key business objectives such as big data, cloud integration, compliance, enterprise content management, and mobile data access monitoring.
New Features

End-User Reporting – DocAve Report Center includes new end-user reporting web parts, allowing easy access to information such as site traffic, search usage, active users, checked-out documents, and top documents in order to help business users make more informed decisions.

Compliance and Governance Reporting – Usage Pattern Alerting for DocAve Report Center provides SharePoint administrators as well as security and compliance officers with new reports to quickly identify suspicious user activity in order to take actions that can help reduce the potential of data breaches.

Office 365 Support for Records Management – DocAve Archiver now offers customized records management solutions for both on-premises and SharePoint Online deployments – including new features to retain a document’s original content types and metadata properties upon moving to Record Center sites as well as the ability for administrators to set automated conflict resolution rules when archiving content.

Content Archiving Approval – Archiver Approval Center allows administrators to generate reports that empower end-users to review content before archiving takes place, allowing those closest to the content to determine whether or not it should be archived.

Office 365 Support for Deployment Management – DocAve Deployment Manager now supports Office 365 as well as hybrid infrastructures, enabling organizations to quickly deploy customizations and design elements such as apps between SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online environments.
Virtual Machine Backups: DocAve Backup and Restore combines its best-of-breed platform backup solution with new ability to protect virtualized elements such as web front end servers, Central Administration, and app servers.

Existing Features

  • Security Trimming
  • Source Content Pre-scan
  • Customizable And Reusable Migration Plans
  • Full Or Incremental Migration
  • Migration With Full Fidelity
  • Source And Destination Environment Coexistence During Migration
  • Online Or Offline Migration
  • Data Synchronization With Customized Scheduling

AvePoint is a well established player in the migration market these days. There tools are excellent but, for many customers, that software requires being installed on the production environments was a major issue and most declined this product for this reason. ________________________________________

Metalogix – Content Matrix
The most comprehensive tool on the market. Content Matrix allows you to migrate directly to SharePoint 2013, OneDrive for Business or Office 365 from SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 in one hop. No need for intermediate SharePoint versions or an on-premises staging farm for a move to Office 365.
Selected by Microsoft as the only pre-approved, MSO-CAF certified SharePoint migration tool for migrating to Office 365 Dedicated.


  • Simple Setup
  • Rearrange Post-Migration
  • File Share Pre-migration tools
  • No Server Side Install
  • Migrate Discrete Elements
  • Powerful File Migration Capabilities
  • Choose What Migrates
  • Create New Structure
  • Analyze Metadata and Filter What You Need
  • Keep Current Farm Running
  • Migrate to 2013 MySites
  • Externalize BLOBS Before Migration
  • Site Collection Migration
  • Split/Merge Lists
  • Migrate Nintex Workflows
  • Clean Before Migration
  • Reusable Migration Tasks
  • Advanced Analysis & Migration Capabilities
  • Extensible Migration Engine

Sharegate – SharePoint Migration Tool

ShareGate Migration one of the most popular migration tools one of the reasons for this are its wonderful nicely design interface and it’s price. Single user license are around £2900 and is for migrating data only.

Here, is a list of the most common and interesting features available with ShareGate.

Copy Site Objects
This is a feature for migrating SharePoint site objects from one SharePoint site to another. With a simple drag and drop, it’s possible to copy site collections, sites, lists, libraries, site columns, site content types, users, groups, permission levels, managed metadata and workflows. Choose what you want to copy and let this feature do all the work.

Copy SharePoint Content
This feature can be used for copying SharePoint list items as well as SharePoint documents between lists or libraries. With a simple Drag and Drop, you can migrate your content while bringing over all metadata, including version history, attachments, permissions, authors and timestamps.

Import Files to SharePoint – Use this feature to import from your file system or file shares to SharePoint. With a simple drag and drop, it is possible to migrate a complete folder hierarchy to SharePoint while applying content types and metadata at the same time.

Export from SharePoint – This feature can be used for archiving content from SharePoint lists, libraries and sites. With a simple drag and drop, you can export all your content while bringing over all the metadata, including version history and attachments.

Bulk Metadata Editor – This feature provides bulk editing capabilities on SharePoint lists and libraries. In just a few clicks, it is possible to massively edit the SharePoint metadata of over thousands of documents, folders, document sets and list items without having to modify their properties one by one. You will find more details here.

Import from Google Drive – Use this feature to import from your Google Drive environment. With a simple Drag and Drop, you can migrate your content while bringing over all metadata, including version history, permissions, author information and timestamps.

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