Overview of SharePoint 2013 Multibox installation and configuration

Here is a list of setup and correct procedural instructions for creating SharePoint 2013 three-tier farm.

For most of these steps I used powershell scripts.

1. Create Self-Signed SSL certificate or Order SSL certificate for URL domain(s)
2. configure hardware load balancing (if load balancing)
3. Provision physical or virtual servers – Windows 2012 (preferred) or Windows 2008 R2 SP1+
4. Install SSL certificate on servers
5. Create DNS entries for domains to resolve to Forefront/load balancer
6. Copy setup media to servers

  • Copy SharePoint 2013 setup files to SharePoint servers
  • Copy SharePoint 2013 Language Packs to SharePoint servers

7. Provision SQL Server 2014

  • Set Up SQL Server 2014 as a SharePoint 2013 Database Server
  • Configure SQL Server 2014 for SharePoint 2013
    • Setting the Maximum Amount of RAM
    • Enabling Compressed Backups
    • Setting the model Database’s Recovery Model
    • Configure the max degree of parallelism Server Configuration Option

8. Provision service accounts in Active Directory and grant permissions

  • Create Domain Accounts and Administration Groups
  • Assigned Group Policy
    • Grant SP Setup service account local Administrator on SharePoint servers
    • Grant SP Setup “Replicate Directory Changes” AD permissions
    • Grant SP Setup SQL Server permissions – DB Creator and Security Admin

9. Identify SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps 2013 product keys
10. Configure Kerberos Authentication

  • Register Service Principal Names (SPN)
  • Activate Kerberos Delegation for SharePoint Server in Active Directory
  • Activate Kerberos Authentication on Web Application in Central Admininstration

11. Identify outbound e-mail server details

  • An SMTP address for SharePoint outbound email (for alerts, etc.)
  • An e-mail address for the “From” or “Reply To” address in system e-mails

12. Configure Firewall Ports

13. Prepare the farm servers

  • Install SMTP Server
  • Add Local Groups and Domain Users to Groups
  • Configure Windows Server Firewall Ports

14. SQL/SharePoint Database Preparation

  • Configure SQL Database Performance

15. Install the following prerequisite software

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows Management Framework 3.0 (CTP2) – PowerShell 3.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2 Native Client
  • Windows Identity Foundation (KB974405)
  • Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 SP1 (x64)
  • Windows Server AppFabric
  • Windows Identity Extensions
  • Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client
  • Microsoft WCF Data Services 5.0
  • CU Package 1 for Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server (KB2671…

16. Install SharePoint 2013 media files on ALL the farm servers

17. Perform A Windows Update

18. Reboot Windows 2012 Server

19. Create New Farm – (Run on First Application Server)

  • 7.1 Create the SharePoint Administration & Configuration content database.
  • 7.2 Add Administrators to Farm
  • 7.3 Create Managed Accounts in SharePoint
  • 7.4 Configure People Picker

20. Install SQL Add-ons

  • 8.1 Install SharePoint Reporting Add-on for SharePoint
  • 8.2 Install SharePoint PowerPivort Add-on for SharePoint


21. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard on each server

22. Join Web Server to Farm

  • Install Web Servers
  • Install Services
  • Caims to Windows Token Service
  • App Management Service
  • Business Data Connectivity Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming E-Mail
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application
  • Secure Store Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service
  • Managed Metadata Web Service
  • Search Host Controller Service
  • Search Query and Site Settings Service

23. Install Applications

  • Secure Store Service
  • Subscription Settings
  • App Management Service
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Create Default Web Application
  • Search Service Application

24. Business Data Connectivity Service

25. Restore Site Collection

26. Install Language Packs

27. Join Application Server to Far

28. Install Application Server

  • Install Services
    • Distributed Cache
    • Machine Translation Service
    • Word Automation Services
    • Work Management Service
    • PowerPoint Conversion Service
    • PerformancePoint Service
    • SQL Server PowerPivot System Service
  • Install SharePoint Applications
    • Usage and Health Data Collection
    • Machine Translation Service
    • State Service Application
    • Word Automation Services
    • Work Management Service Application
    • PerformancePoint Service Application
    • Excel Services Application
    • Visio Graphics Service

29. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard

30. Configure Secure Store

31. User Profile Synchronization

32. Configure email integration for a SharePoint 2013 farm

  • Configure incoming email for a SharePoint 2013 farm

33. Configure outgoing email for a SharePoint 2013 farm

34. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard

35. Perform A Windows Update